Stop winging it, stop playing small and finally get a plan to hit consistent $5k months

Get a plan to build your dream biz and do it at your own pace for as little as $11.50/day

Imagine being able to...

Stop chasing work and finally attract dream clients(while saying no to the wrong fit!)

​Sell your services consistently on social media and in your emails (without spending a dollar)

​​Bring in extra revenue for your creative biz every. single. month.

​Finally kickstart and nurture your email list with simple automation

Communicate your value and charge more for your services

​​Wave goodbye to imposter syndrome and start taking confident action with a gameplan

Marketing your business is the key to getting consistent leads, working with perfect-fit clients, and growing your business

But when you show up online without a real marketing plan and just hope for the best, you end up...

👉 Struggling to communicate your value and unique message

👉 Posting on social media and hoping for the best

👉 Losing hours aimlessly filming Reels that don’t convert to dollars in your bank

👉 Procrastinating building your email list

👉 Struggling to land new clients (or charge what you’re services are worth)

👉 Avoiding sales because you feel pushy and fear getting rejected

Sound a little *too* familiar? Don't worry, I got you. 

The only thing standing between you and a business that consistently attracts your dream clients is a simple, complete growth plan. Wondering how you're going to do it? Let me show you...


My Marketing Playbook Accelerator

The 12 week course designed to help you hit consistent $5k months in your creative business.

I’ll show you how to communicate your value with confidence, attract your dream clients on autopilot and confidently convert through a winning sales process.

All from as little as $11.50/day 🔥


My Marketing Playbook is for you if...

 You’re a creative service provider and you’re ready to consistently make $5k/month from your business

 You know you need a plan to get more of your dream clients but you don’t know where to start

You’re tired of "winging it" in your business and you're looking for a practical & proven framework to grow your business

You know it's time to take massive action to reach your goals and find more freedom 

You want a coach and a community of creatives to support you as you implement for the next 12 months (hi, it me)

You're ready to hit those BIG goals for your business but you have limited time and money


Meet The Lala Level Up Framework

My signature growth framework designed for creative service providers who want to hit $5k months consistently. 

Phase One


Take your message from confused & unclear to concise and impactful and turn your services into an irresistible, value-packed offer.

  • Craft and refine your brand message into a simple and compelling one liner
  • ​Find your niche and learn how to speak their language in your marketing
  • ​Craft your 6 Figure Offer so your clients say “heck yes!” to working with you
  • Turn your website into a client attracting machine with our simple website tweaks

Phase Two


Take control of your lead flow with our award winning attract strategies that allow you to generate leads on autopilot and build your social media audience every week.

  • Save buckets of time with our done-for-you caption scripts and templates
  • Leverage your Instagram and content to turn your followers into clients
  • ​Install The Social Media Batching Blueprint so you can focus on other areas of your business (and life!)
  • Create a simple lead magnet that attract your dream clients and kickstarts your email list
  • Skyrocket your ROI and show up consistently using our Email Marketing Uncomplicated framework

Phase Three


Stop avoiding selling and finally get the confidence you need to pitch your services and land your dream clients with ease - without feeling awkward or salesy.

  • Build a sales process that feels easy and authentic for you and say goodbye to clients ghosting you
  • ​Ditch the negative mindset around selling and become a confident sales pro
  • Unlock our powerful, yet simple sales scripts to sell in your direct messages
  • Craft your “Heck Yes Proposal” with our fill in the blank template and easy to follow process
  • Confidently price your services and *finally* charge what you’re worth (without the imposter syndrome)


Join me inside My Marketing Playbook and let’s create a gameplan so you can hit $5k/months consistently.

Pay Upfront

One time payment + Get THE FAST TRACK Bundle™️


Approx $665 USD


12 x weekly payments


Approx $65 USD


Get The Fast Track Bundle when you pay in full...

$593 value, yours for FREE

Bonus #1: The Buy Back Time Vault (valued at $149)

  • ​Instantly free up 5 hours to work ON the business, not in it
  • Design Your Perfect Week for maximised energy, productivity and creativity
  • Perform The Two Week Time and Energy Audit you can do to get out of the busywork and stay in your zone of genius

Bonus #2: The ChatGPT Starter Kit (valued at $97)

  • ​Get instant access to my deep dive masterclass showing you how to leverage AI in your creative business​
  • Access my swipe file of ChatGPT prompts for social media, content and repurposing
  • Follow my 6 Step Prompt Process to harness the power of ChatGPT get epic results

Bonus #3: The $10k Breakthrough Video Series (valued at $347)

  • Unlock the 6 figures secrets my clients are using to hit $10k months​
  • Get my 6 part video series that will kickstart your business growth
  • Set your big scary revenue goals and reverse engineer your success using our Next Level Sales Calculator framework

Hey my creative friend, imagine being able to...

  • Stop chasing work and finally attract dream clients(while saying no to the wrong fit!)
  • ​Sell your services consistently on social media and in your emails
  • Communicate your value and charge more for your services
  • ​​Bring in extra revenue for your creative biz every. single. month.
  • Create and implement a content plan that consistently sells your offers
  • ​Build your audience and turn your followers into paying clients
  • Kickstart and nurture your email list with simple automation
  • ​​Wave goodbye to imposter syndrome and start taking confident action
  • ​Convert perfect-fit leads through your one-page sales process


Tired of winging it and ready for your business to change? 

Pay Upfront

One time payment + Get THE FAST TRACK Bundle™️


Approx $665 USD


12 x WEEKLY payments


Approx $63 USD

"In just two weeks, I got 16 new leads for my interior design business - straight from my website!"


Interior Designer

“I’ve paid for the course 8 times over from the income that’s come into my business. $16k revenue in 10 weeks!


Florist and Stylist

"MMP is one of the best services I have come across in years and years...finally a product and support system that puts it's money where it's mouth is."



Meet Your Coach 👋

I'm Laura Higgins, a marketing coach on a mission to help creative service providers skyrocket their businesses in a way that’s simple and sustainable.

I know what it's like to feel stuck on what to do next. When I started my creative business back in 2017, I had big goals, but NO plan to get there. In short, I was so busy working IN the business, I could never find the time to work ON the business

But all of that changed when I created a plan to scale.

Since then, I've helped over 500+ creative service providers get more clients, make more money and find more freedom.

So I packaged up the key things I've learned in the past 6 years and I’m turning the whole thing over to YOU so you can consistently attract your dream clients and finally hit reach your own revenue goals.

Because honestly, I’m living and breathing proof that it’s possible.

All without working more hours or dancing on Instagram - promise.

This is it, my friend.

No more imposter syndrome. No more winging it. No more playing small.

Let's take that business of yours to the next level.

You ready? I am!

Laura (...but you can call me Lala)

Everything you'll find inside...

Complete Access to My Marketing Playbook Accelerator Training 

Over 100 hours of game changing training, 9 modules and bonuses

$2,997 (Value)

12 Months of Private Group Coaching with Laura 

Hosted live every month and recorded for replay. Come with questions and get feedback.

$9,500 (Value)

The Client-Getting Canva Template Bundle

Professionally designed Canva templates for proposals, social media, media kit and more, email Sequence Swipe Files and more

$2,450 (Value)

The Ultimate Instagram Content Kit

With over 50+ ready to post captions and graphics for your social media - done for you.

$999 (Value)

The Expert Masterclass Bundle

8 x Masterclasses and Bonuses from experts in Facebook ads, photography, website design, copywriting, collaborative marketing and more

$3,997 (Value)

24/7 Access to Our Private Community

Get daily support and guidance from our coaches and community in our Private group


TOTAL VALUE: $19,943


Start TODAY for $100

Approx $65 USD


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the book really about?

A: This comprehensive guide provides proven sales and marketing strategies from top industry experts, designed to help you boost your sales, expand your reach, and create a loyal customer base.

Who is this book for?

A: "The Ultimate Sales and Marketing Playbook" is perfect for entrepreneurs, small business owners, marketing professionals, and anyone looking to improve their sales and marketing game.

How does the FREE+Shipping offer work?

A: For a limited time, we're offering the book for FREE – all you have to do is cover the shipping cost. Just click the "Claim Your FREE+Shipping Copy Now!" button, fill in your details, and we'll ship the book to your doorstep.

What if I'm not satisfied with the book?

A: We're confident that "The Ultimate Sales and Marketing Playbook" will exceed your expectations. However, if you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, please contact our customer support team, and we'll do our best to address your concerns.

Let’s talk wins and results.

Hear from My Marketing Playbook alumni:

$10k of sales in 10 weeks. Quit her day job. Tripled her client base. 

"Honestly, I'm a bit emotional about it because the program has been life-changing for me."

Kate went from struggling side hustler to confident full-time business owner with My Marketing Playbook.

Before joining, Kate struggled to turn her passion into profit – her non-existent growth plan, lack of marketing and sales processes and dwindling confidence were keeping her stuck.

Kate rolled up her sleeves and implemented The Magnetic Content System (Module 2) to promote her offers and simplify her message so she could articulate her value and land more clients.

It didn’t take long for Kate's revenue to increase significantly – in just 10 weeks she had gone from from landing one client every 6 weeks, to tripling her client base, quitting her day job (!) and bringing in an extra $10k. Incredible.

Kate - Sustainable Garden Designer

Extra $5.5k in revenue. Clear. Confident. Excited for the future.

“I got so much more out of it than I even expected. The course is incredible.”

Rochelle is a side-hustling sales consultant and wellness advocate on a mission to help families nourish themselves through good nutrition. She was ready to take control of her future, leap into something new and get her business to the next level.

Initially joining to implement a social media strategy and skyrocket her online presence, Rochelle said what she took away from the program was far more than she bargained for – especially when it came to all things email marketing, sales and websites.

After implementing the framework inside My Marketing Playbook, Rochelle hit $5.5k in additional revenue, gained the confidence to expand her reach and the tools to take her business up a gear. There’s no stopping her now.

Rochelle - Sales Consultant & Wellness Coach

$16k of revenue in 10 weeks. Clear game plan. Taking action.

“I’ve paid for the course 8 times over from the income that’s come into my business.”

Gemma walked away from My Marketing Playbook with an additional $16k in revenue – in just 10 weeks.

Despite wanting to grow and trying to piece together all the free advice she could, Gemma’s growth was stagnant and the information overload was stressing her out. Until she joined My Marketing Playbook.

In her words, the program has given her a clear game plan to break down all of the elements of business-building and the roadmap and clarity to *actually* do them. Zero overwhelm.

She’s clear. She’s confident. She’s attracting the right people and designing dream wedding days. And she’s bringing home the bacon.

Gemma - Florist & Stylist

Got questions? I got answers!

How is this program different from other "courses" out there? 

The Lala Level Up Framework you'll access in My Marketing Playbook is THE go to for creative service providers who want to grow and eventually want to scale their businesses. 

Other courses mostly teach you how to DIY one piece of your marketing—like building a website or a content strategy on Instagram. But only focusing on one piece of the puzzle still leaves you right where you started: without a way to sustainably grow your business and book more ideal clients. 

My Marketing Playbook will show you how to create and implement a complete, sustainable growth plan for your creative biz so you can stop duct-taping your marketing strategy together and finally see results.

I’m new to business. Is My Marketing Playbook really for me?

YES! This program has everything you need to build a complete growth plan and hit $5k/month in revenue - quick smart.
Whether you’re a photographer, graphic designer, copywriter, social media manager, or you run a different service based business… My Marketing Playbook will give you the strategy, tools, and support to grow your business and attract your dream clients with your marketing.

If you’re not a service provider…
AKA, you sell products or run a brick and mortar business, this isn’t the place for you.
Reach out to us and we can point you in the right direction.

What if I'm too busy to do this right now? 

We make time for things that are important to us. If not now, then when? There is never a perfect time to work on your business. You have to MAKE time and commit if you want big results.

We have designed this program to be bite sized, practical and available for you to go at your own pace.  If you can put aside 2 hours per week for the training and 1 hour per month for a coaching call, you will be WINNING in no time. 

I can't afford this right now. When's your next intake? 

How much money are you leaving on the table by not having a clear marketing and sales plan for your business? What is NOT having a plan costing you? I guarantee you it's more than you think. The longer you wait to take the leap, the longer it takes to get results.

It always feels a bit scary investing in you...I completely understand. When I started my business, I was making $400 a week when I first invested in coaching. Was I ready? No. Could I afford it? Also no. But I prioritised investing in me. 

But I realised something early on...

Investing in yourself and your business is ALWAYS worth it. Most people who join us make back their investment in one sale. 

What if I have questions as I learn?

Enter: The Live Coaching Sessions (...and perhaps my favourite part of My Marketing Playbook!). These private group coaching sessions with Laura will allow you to ask questions, get real time feedback and guidance that is personalised to YOUR business.
We also put you inside our Private Community, so you can ask questions and get support from me and my coaches in real time.

Great question! We completely recreated the structure of the program because we wanted to improve and simplify the training while delivering MORE results to our students.
The Lala Level Up Framework is THE go to for creative service providers who want to grow and eventually want to scale their businesses.
We start with the fundamentals and have stripped away anything that won’t move the needle for creatives.
We have added a whole new section that is focused on sales because I realised that marketing only does so much. If your sales process isn’t working, you’ll never see growth.

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